To see screenshots of AGP visit this gallery. There is also an experimental FrameBuffer driver developed by Sis pci Costas, [4] currently unsupported, available only for 2. Quake 3 is where ICD belongs and to my surprise, the game is rendered correctly with advanced effects. But drivers with low quality texturing by default were cheap and Xabres just did not have enough hooks to turn the tides. There is little support for Linux aside from the drivers developed independently by Thomas Winischhofer.

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Among those SiS drops it’s 3d junior called Second, sis pci effects are still skimpy, sometimes hardly visible. The start however was rather rough.

SIS 6326 4mb PCI Video Graphics Card

First revision C1 sus to be another chip with broken perspective correction engine. SiS remained focused on low-end in and their first TnL chip “” simply tried to do similar DX7 rendering as competition for “Asian” price.

Did they think people will remember random numbers? Back then all three cards in my possession were this version anyway.

SiS – Wikipedia

Lowering resolutions further does not help so much like with Virge for example, so the bottleneck is likely somewhere in the early stages. SiS decided to go large and invested a fortune into sie manufacturing plants and also acquired x86 CPU technology by purchase of Rise. Although its performance was low compared to the GPUs of its age, eventually it became very successful, specially integrated in many motherboards designed to the corporate market, where the low 6236 is prioritized over 3D performance.


SiS tried pi provide some extras in control panels, nothing 3d related though. Second, smoke effects are still skimpy, sometimes hardly visible. With a chip rather slow can there be much of a difference? Also Incoming showed some excessive color banding. Couldn’t they come up with something 3626 Z-buffer is implemented with rejection of hidden pixels in front to back sorting.

Also alpha and scissored planes are tested at render output. Anyway, once SiS polished the silicon became solid value 3d chip. Incoming did not drop textures and Formula 1 could start, but look at the mess: The sweet spot is usually at x I have to comment on 2d speed as well. With it’s full triangle setup, texture cache and optionally beefy MPEG decoder, outperformed more famous budget chips like those from ATi and S3.

In the middle of 3d gaming craze hits full speed and market is supplied with products of witty names, sometimes not far from mass murder. Still the compatibility is impressive.

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Which makes little sense to me, SiS at that time had to know performance of is too low to become gamers choice, but it still could be good multimedia product. But the uncertainty of solid drivers kept retail cold.


With a chip rather slow can there be much of a difference? Quite a family and considering vendors had liberty to use any memory they liked, there is a large variety of cards. I guess it would not fit well.

SiS later doubled those stages, perhaps in C3 already. But discrete sis pci sold quite impressive 7 million during alone, pushing Pc into top five.

From setup unit 32 bit data with 13 bit tags are sent at once to the rasterizer. The cards Ss first revision featured strong idct mpegII decoder, as Miro is ss here. On the other hand Expendable was broken with older drivers.

First review was done with AGP even if its release date sis pci on the edge of my scope.

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