Not sure if it’s an apache issue or what Alright, quick one, how do I disable my mounts from appearing on the desktop? I can get to the prompt via recovery mode.. Pollywog, if I type groups, it shows I’m part of the audio group. No such file or directory.

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Perhaps it has recently been deleted”. Sorry, I don’t know anything about i like shouting – try searching on http: I’m trying to setup the lirc in my pc.

Ambient md8820

Pollywog, I hope so, I’m about mpdem jsut format because it’s pissing me off. Factory was attempting to give me help but then he started acting like a little kid and I ignored him. I’m afraid that you will have to re-install Ubuntu or search with google how can you restore GRUB after Windows installation.

I assume mv is the correct command for moving a file?

Just based on were the driver development is geing done. Both would be text based installers.


It just piles the input on as arguments to a command. Maybe you can just add the correct line in grub configuration if Ubuntu didn’t do it on his own. Roachclit, I had exactly the the same problem with my wireless card, it had a broadcom chipset. That is what I did, but it gave me a ton of errors and not founds.

Windows cxan see it. Sorry, I don’t know anything about nvidia-legacy – try searching on http: Is there a fix? No such file or directory. You should always check with the card manufacturer first before attempting file edits like that. I have already partitioned first Hard drive so I have 7 gb of unallocated space.

Flash 9 Final release is now available for dapper-backports and edgy-backports. I have recently talked my brother into using ubuntu. Developers may be interested in https: That’s not in the package manager.

Intel HaM Plus V.90 Modem Free Driver Download

Roachclit, if it’s wireless you’ll need to specify the ESSID, and if you don’t have dhcp did you turn it off? I cannot explain why it wouldn’t work. Hey guys, I just downloaded Envy, gdebi says it depends on a module-assistant.


Has anyone tried the package xfishtank? Google says Tiling Windows in Linux is a no-go. modemm


Package module-assistant has no installation candidate. Alright, quick one, how do I disable my mounts from appearing on the desktop? I know windows will start though, because it is installing it: Last time I mpdem it edgy would not reload.

My html seems to be working great I can ping google. I would have guessed hda1. I havent been able to find one that let’s me get my sound going after suspend though.