PnP Disk Driver Version: But not sure as there is just too much information in the menus that dont make good reading. Interesting reading all of your posts.. The Cyberlink patch for the PowerProducer 4. We can not assist you in this, sorry.

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Comments posted by fried from Other, December 31, I use the Greater Quality disc and they work great, i was even burning at speed rated higher than disc on one of the firmware but lost that after a firmware upgrade. It then told me to reboot. Ahd website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors.

Bought this Fry’s too. Bottom line is -r’s dont work at all.

Emprex DVDRW 1004IM (EDW 4020) DVD Writer

I’ll try some of the other freeware out there and see what happens. It takes more than 2 hrs to copy the data back to the hard disk and then it fails. I purchased this from Frys Renton. But then again, this is a Fry’s product I cant even return the disk now, I have moved to another country.


It made nothing but coasters even at low speeds, and that was true with CD’s too. Parallel Port Driver Version: This is just informational. Rated this writer No rating.

Hey, Here it is: The door would stay open until I closed it. The first two digits are the release, so is the 6th release of and is older than All i know, is that it worked eventually.

Emprex DVDRW Im RW R DVD Rewritable | eBay

My guess is that most of the people with complaints didn’t burn properly, or used bad media. I’m new at burning DVD’s, so I think there’s a bit of a learning curve as far as software usage goes. I removed Nero 5. I then removed nero and used the nero clean up tools to clean up my system and the installed Cyberlinks PowerProduce software. Comments posted by Dave from United States, March 10, Don’t plan on installing a DVD burner in a computer that has even the slightest of issues, these need to have a perfectly operating system in order to function properly.


NTFS on both partitions. On Adapter 2 Description: Windows XP Professional 5. Realtek Semiconductor Corporation Driver: In my opinion, killer bang for the buck! Half an hour later disaster – Blue Screen!

I get an “incorrect function”, I removed Nero 6 and put Nero 5.


I didnt get round to using the burner untill the middle of Burned at 4x using Nero 6 Ultra Edition 6. I’ve posted details with pictures showing the drive alongside an identical OEM drive packaged by Digital Research.

At the moment I have managed to insatll the old Nero 5. Rated this writer 4 of