Join Date Dec Beans Hidden! It’s as though it isn’t connected. I’d remove the current. He didn’t know that off the top of his head well, wildmanne39 might have – he is an expert in this area. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. Originally Posted by anewguy.

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So the debs are installers for ndiswrapper. Follow the above steps if it ateros we have to do some other changes to make it “stick” between boots. Bus Device It is however counter productive when these frustrations lead us down a path where we are not communicating efficiently. Also, yes, I did read that.

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WNA Wireless Adapter issues. Sorry, but this forum is all volunteer.

Notice the driver inf file they are using – bcmwlhigh5. Plug and play – that’s a Windows term. We do have other things going on in our lives as well.

Qualcomm Atheros drivers for MS Windows

Ar90001u the link that wildmanne39 pointed you to posted by chili? As for the adapter you are trying now, the d-link, notice that it says the chipset is Atheros AR Another lot may have given up on Linux altogether, even a hundredth of the original number would still make for a thriving community.


But enough ar90011u the rant. Use bit Ubuntu the bit version really doesn’t gain you much in Linux – it’s not Windows in that regard as recommended. Also I did get ndiswrapper installed using another thread’s instructions.

Originally Posted by anewguy. Minecraft will crash much more often in 32 bit. In addition, instead of using the command line for ndiswrapper, where one little misstep can lead to some work, install ndisgtk from the repositories as well: These steps are what we do to try to help you.

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Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Whatever it is, it might be the reason for my current issue, being, it just won’t work.

Here is a better package that might work better. Also, I’m afraid I have to tell you that your posts are getting rather rude and arguementative. You ayheros to read the list of adapters that are known to work with Ubuntu first, and you need to know the chipset, not just make and model as sometimes the chipset changes.


You really aren’t going to notice that much of a difference with Linux. We read all of those things to try to help you. But I gave up on the adapter because I don’t want to use 32 bit Ubuntu in the first place.

What exactly is a deb, and where can I get the one s I need? Please do not post duplicates, it dilutes community effort. No flashing light, no connections listed. We understand your frustration, but you need to be patient.

In addition, no matter what the thread you quoted said, you DON’T need to compile ndiswrapper. The thing just won’t work. Wireless N, and did you notice it doesn’t say bit?